Rattlesnake Quilt made by Willie Yeager, Enloe, TX c.1930

Rattlesnake Quilt, made by Willie Yeager, Enloe, TX c.1930

Pioneers and settlers in the southern and western lands often battled with many natural disasters and along with that, many hostile “critters”. Among the worst: the diamondback rattlesnake. Quilters immortalized this threat in a pattern called rattlesnake, coiled rattlesnake or diamondback rattlesnake. Closely resembling a Mohawk Trail or Baby Bunting in pattern, the rattlesnake pattern can be seen from Virginia to Texas and Oklahoma, with quilts of this pattern found in Tennessee, West Virginia. Georgia and Colorado. There is some evidence to support the idea that this pattern traveled with one particular family and its members as they migrated south and west across the United States. The quilt pattern appears to have 4 distinct variations present with likelihood of at least one more.

Willie Yeager of Enloe, Texas, made this quilt during the 2nd quarter of the 20th century.the pink and black coloration is not typical of this quilt. Most quilts have green, brown, tan, or yellow. If you have seen or own a quilt called Rattlesnake, please contact me via my email. I would be interested to know about your quilt!

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